Who am I?

About Linglish.net

A few years’ training in the linguistics department has radically changed my perspective on language and language learning. Language used to be nothing more than a tool, one which we merely use for communication. Language had never given me so much fun before I encountered linguistics. Now it is a subject of investigation, like a puzzle of boundless amazement, a game of infinite pleasure, a quest of endless challenges. In language we see biological and psychological traces of how our brain operates, we see our historical and cultural heritages, we see complexities, and we see simplicities.

After graduation, I have joined the teaching profession. Despite this, I still feel that I want to keep myself constantly thinking over these questions. This web site is an effort to record the linguistic matters that have come to my mind. It also gives me a reason for pushing myself to research on and study these issues, and an opportunity for me to share my conclusions and opinions.

About Me

Having graduated with a major in Linguistics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, I then obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, with a major in English teaching at the University of Hong Kong and a master’s degree in Computer Science at the Chinese University. I am now pursuing another master’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a professional diploma in Commercial Photography at the Open University of Hong Kong.

Currently, I am teaching English, History and Computer at Holy Trinity College, one of the most well respected secondary schools in Hong Kong. I have also taught at St. Paul’s College, another prestigious school in the region.

My interests include studying linguistics, reading linguistics and thinking linguistics. My other hobbies are learning foreign languages, backpacking, computer programming, learning about various sciences, stargazing, photography, and actually, anything that would enable me to know more about the world around me.

You may read my full CV here.