Studying Linguistics in Hong Kong

The Chinese University of Hong KongThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Department of Linguistics

The Chinese University offers a very theoretically-oriented program to provide students with a solid foundation in linguistics. They have a team of scholars renowned in the region. Their major academic interests are in Chomskyan Transformational Generative Grammar, langauge acquisition and sign linguistics.


City University of Hong KongCity University of Hong Kong
Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics

City University specializes in the field of computational linguistics and offers a very interesting program that relates linguistics with information technologies.


The University of Hong KongThe University of Hong Kong
Department of Linguistics

The University of Hong Kong provides a relatively well-balanced program stressing on both the theoretical and applied aspects of linguistics. Unlike the Chinese University, whose scholars are mostly interested in Generative Grammar, many of the scholars at HKU subscribe to the school of Functional Grammar and are consequentially more practical in mind. The department is also renowned for their research in psycholinguistics and typology.